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Buda5: Raiders (Version 1.0)
The companies mentioned below (or any other companies) do not 
have any involment with Buda5 in any form. 

Babylon 5, characters, names, and all related indicia are trademarks of 
Time Warner Entertainment Co., LP. ©2001 Time Warner Enter Entertainment Co., LP. 

I-War and Independence War ©2001 Infogrames Entertainment and ©2001 Particle Systems Ltd. 
All Rights Reserved.

        SYSTEMS LTD.

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What is Buda5: Raiders?


Raiders is a 24 mission custom campaign set in the Babylon 5 universe. The
campaign features a strong character driven story line, with 90 minutes of 
spoken dialogue, over 50 custom models, and exclusive CGI animation and audio.

To play Buda5: Raiders you must own I-War, Independence War, or
Independence War - Deluxe Edition, distributed by Infogrames Entertainment.

The Defiance version of Independence War included in the Deluxe Edition is
the recommended installation for the campaign, as the campaign takes full
advantage of Defiance's special features including savepoints and rotating turrets.
Although the campaign is fully playable with earlier versions of Independence War,
the mission difficulty is significantly increased because of the absence of savepoints.

The campaign is optimized for hardware accelerated 3Dfx Glide mode and
takes full advantage of its special lighting features, however the
standard software mode is also supported. (GeForce users can run the 
game in software mode by first turning the hardware acceleration slider 
in the Windows control panel all the way down.)

Installing Buda5 from the Installation Package (in three easy steps) 


IMPORTANT NOTE: You will not be able to play the normal Independence War game 
once you install Buda5:Raiders.  We recommend you install a second copy of 
Independence War in a different location for Buda5:Raiders (a second installation can be 
performed by running SETUP.EXE from the Independence War CD), or see the 'Uninstalling Buda 5' 
section below for more details.  Buda5:Raiders is not compatible with other
Buda5 campaigns, and should be installed seprately from other Buda5 campaigns.

STEP 1 (Install Independence War):
Install Independence War on your computer.  The full version of I-War, 
Independence War, or Independence War - Defiance must be installed on your hard 
drive.  Buda 5 will NOT work with the Demo version of the game.

If you using the original European version of I-WAR or the first edition of 
Independence War then you must upgrade to V1.24 of IWAR.EXE   You can download 
the upgrade patches from the Independence War website at  It is not necessary 
to upgrade if you are using the Independence War Deluxe Edition.  You can quickly 
see if you need to upgrade by checking the file size of your IWAR.EXE or GAME.EXE 
using Explorer.  If the file size is less than 1,334KB then you need to upgrade.

STEP 2 (Install the Campaign):
The campaign is distributed and must be installed in two parts.  Make sure you have the 
components from both RAIDERS.ZIP (which includes this file), and RAIDERS2.ZIP.

Execute the Setup program SETUP.EXE that accompanies this readme.  

You will be asked to locate the Independence War EXE file. If Independence War 
was installed properly you will be taken to the proper directory in the file selector. 
Select the executable file (IWAR.EXE, GAME.EXE, or IWDE.EXE depending on the version 
installed) for the installation location you wish to modify for Buda 5. The IWAR slb files
will then be deslabbed, each in their own MSDOS window.  Ensure that all the MSDOS windows
have completed and closed before continuing.  Follow the instructions of the onscreen prompts to 
continue part one of the installation.

When part one installation has completed, install part two by running SETUP2.EXE (included in
the RAIDERS2.ZIP archive).  Follow the onscreen prompts to complete installation.

Shortcuts for the Raider Campaign will be created in Buda 5 folder of your Start menu.

DO NOT NOT NOT run the budadata.exe program directly.  This will prevent your
installation from working correctly.


Uninstalling Buda5 or Playing Independence War in Normal mode 


Buda 5 is not fully compatible with Independence War because is overwrites several 
important files.  You cannot play the normal Independence War campaign once Buda 5 
is installed.

If you wish to uninstall Buda5 or play the normal Independence War campaign then 
you should first Uninstall Independence War, delete your Independence War game directory, 
then re-install Independence War.  NOTE that this will delete your previous player 
pilot files.  You should first copy all *.SAV files in the psg directory to a safe 
place, then copy back later.


Playing the Buda5: Raiders Campaign


Run Buda5:Raiders from one of the shortcuts in the Buda 5 folder of your Start menu.  
Buda 5 may be run in Software or 3Dfx mode (3Dfx graphics card required for 3Dfx mode).

Create a new pilot when beginning the campaign, using a pre-existing pilot will cause 
problems with the campaign.

Select 'Simulation' mode when beginning the campaign.  Selecting 'Arcade' mode will
prevent you from successfully completing several of the missions.

The campaign may be played with one of two difficulty settings, selectable in the first
mission 'Transitions'.  Standard difficulty is recommended for experienced IWar players,
and will present a challenge to the players piloting skills.  Novice difficulty is
recommended for players new to IWar, or who find the standard IWar missions excessively
difficult.  Novice difficulty is recommended for all players not using the Defiance
engine account the lack of savepoints.  The difficulty selected will apply throught 
the campaign for that pilot.

NOTE: Buda 5 installation will reset all of the game options to their default settings.  
You may wish to re-adjust these in the Options screen before beginning the campaign.


We always need help. If you would like to provide your skills as a
mission scripter, voice actor or voice actress please contact a member 
of the Buda5 team. See links on the Buda5 website.



Buda5: Raiders written, directed and produced by the Buda5 team.

The Buda 5 Team is:

All mission scripts, custom models, and CGI by the Buda5 team, except:

       "Intro", "The Tables Turn" and "Closing Credits" CGI by Nixxon

       "Favor the Bold" and "Gravedigger" original concept by
            Alex Fulton and Agents of Gaming  

Voice acting:

Adam "KinkyJ" Thomas
Alim "tsm" Oezdemir
Cameron "Hotfoot" Johnson
David "croxis" Radford
David Cox
Dean "Silencer" Campbell
Eric Birchfield	
Eric Cook	
John "Starfury" Mathews	
Joona Vainio
Kati M. Multanen	
Krispian "FAMS" Lowe
Marcus "Fireball" Ertelt
Marcus "InBetween" Cotton
Margot 'Mercurial' Koval
Mauri "Darkblade" Majanoja
Nicky "P12" Wilson
Pablo "AR81" Luna
Rodney "Moo" Lowe
Steve Simenic
Stuart Colby	
Toni "ToM" Syvänen
Tuomas "Fisu" Tonteri
AT&T Labs

In-game music by Christopher Franke, copyright Christopher Franke and
Sonic Images Enterprises.

If we've failed to mention someone deserving credit please let us know.



Since the earliest days of sailing, when mankind first began to trade across
vast distances by sea, there have been men who prowled the sea lanes in search
of plunder, preferring to steal what they would not themselves earn honestly. 
As civilization advanced and merchant vessels grew larger and faster, these 
pirates followed suit.  To combat them, nations relied on strong navies, which
also protected their shores and trading ships from attack by foreign powers.  
Naval vessels soon became too powerful for any pirate to withstand, forcing
such buccaneers to rely often on speed instead of firepower, building ships which
could not only capture a merchant target, but evade the inevitable pursuit. 
After all, it did them no good to face a naval warship in battle, when they
 had nothing to win and everything to lose.

Wars are the inevitable result of civilization, and during such conflicts 
pirates flourished.  With arms and war supplies shipping across seas in large
numbers, and local naval forces tied up fighting the enemy, pirates had little
to stop them from plundering at will.  This caused the warring powers to try a new 
tactic.  Instead of discouraging piracy, they instead encouraged its use - against 
the other side!  This introduced a new type of priate, the privateer, who operated 
in the service of his government, authorized by "letters of marque" to raid and 
pillage those vessels and towns flying the flag of his nation's enemies.  Often 
patriots in their own right, but just as frequently motivated by greed and avarice, 
these were often honored as heroes, especially when their cause was seen as just.

As technology advanced and the world grew smaller, traditional piracy became more 
and more difficult to manage.  Those who had once been buccaneers turned to other 
means of income.  No longer bound solely to their ships, no longer relying solely 
on force of arms to seize goods and speed to outrun pursuit, they became more subtle.  
Instead of obvious frontal attacks, they took the guise of businessmen, covering 
illicit drug and other trades in cloaks of bureaucracy and red tape.  But although 
the veneer of civilization forced them to rely on working within "the system", the 
true soul of the pirate remained unchanged.

As mankind reached for the stars, it became quickly obvious that only the demise of 
the frontier had doused the flame of true piracy.  With vast reaches of space now 
open to exploration and trade, this fire began to burn brightly once again.  Man's 
flair for expansion only fanned these flames, for the fledgling Earth Alliance navy 
was not sufficiently large to guard the new trade routes that sprang up almost 
overnight.  Once again pirates unfurled their sails, though this time with no water 
beneath their keels.  In this new environment, with new rules and challenges, they 
became known as the Raiders.
    (excerpted from Babylon 5 Wars - Raiders and Privateers  Agents of Gaming Inc.)


The Articles of the Gentlemen of Fortune

This paraphrased reconstruction of a pirate crew’s "constitution" is based on rules 
and customs common to most gangs of the golden age (1680-1725) of piracy-as well as 
those of the crew of the Whydah Galley in particular, according to Whydah historian 
Kenneth J. Kinkor.

I. Every Man shall obey Civil Command.

II. Every Man who has sworn to be True to these Articles, and to his Ship-Mates, is to 
have a Vote in Matters of Importance. Those who have not signed, shall not vote.

III. The Captain and Officers of the Company are to be chosen by the Majority upon the 
commencement of a Voyage, or on such other Occasions as the Majority of the Company 
shall think fit.

IV. The power of the Captain is Supreme and Unquestioned in time of Chase or Battle. 
He may beat, cut or shoot any Man who dares deny his Command on such Occasions. In 
all other Matters whatsoever, he is to be governed by Vote of the Majority of the Company.

V. Every Man is to have Equal Right to the Provisions, or Liquors at any Time, and 
to use them at Pleasure unless Scarcity should make it necessary to vote a restriction 
for the Good of all.

VI. Every Man is to be called fairly, in Turn by the List of our Company kept by the 
Quartermaster, on board of Prizes. Each such Boarder is to receive a Suit of clothes 
from the Prize. He who first sees a Sail, shall have the Best Pistol, or Small-Arm, 
from on board her.

VII. The Quarter-Master is to be the first man on board of any Prize; he is to 
separate for the Company’s use what he thinks fit, and shall have Trust of the Common 
Stock & Treasury until it be Shared. He shall Keep a Book showing each Man’s share, 
and each Man can draw from the Common Stock against his Share upon request.

VIII. If any Man should Defraud the Company, or one another, to the Value of a Dollar, 
he shall suffer what Punishment the Majority shall think fit.

IX. Each Man is to keep his Musket, Pistols, and Cutlass clean and fit for Service upon 
inspection by the Quarter-Master.

X. No Woman or Boy is to be brought on board ship.

XI. No married men are to be forced to serve our Company.

XII. Good Quarters to be granted when Called for.

XIII. Any Man who Deserts the Ship, Keeps any Secret from the Company, or who Deserts 
his Station in time of Battle, shall be punished by Death, Marooning, or Whipping, 
as the Majority shall think fit.

XIV. Not a word shall be Written by any of the Company unless it shall be Nailed 
Publickly to the Mast.

XV. If any Man shall strike or abuse one another of our Company, in any regard, he 
shall suffer such Punishment as the Majority shall think fit. Every Man’s Quarrel 
is to be settled on Shore with Sword and Pistol under the eye of the Quartermaster.

XVI. All lights and candles must be put out before 8 o’clock at night. After that hour, 
if any man continues drinking, he must do it on the open deck. That Man who shall smoke 
Tobacco in the Hold without a Cap, or carry a lit Candle without a Lanthorn, shall 
receive Moses’s Law (that is, 40 Stripes less one) on the bare Back.

XVII. No Man is to talk of breaking up our Way of Living till each of us has shared a thousand pounds.

XVIII. If any Man should lose a Limb, or become a Cripple, he is to have 800 pieces 
of eight out of the Common Stock, and for lesser hurts, proportionably.

XIX. The Captain and Quarter-Master are to receive two Shares of a Prize; the Sailing 
Master, Boatswain and Gunner, one Share and a half, and other Officers one and a Quarter 
Shares. All others who have signed Articles are to receive one Share.


"The "original" skull-and-crossed-bones was credited to a French buccaneer, Bartholomew 
Roberts, in the mid 1600s. Various other emblems - crossed-cutlasses for example - were 
used by later pirates. 

Pirates hanged at Newport, Rhode Island in 1723 called their flag 'Old Roger', which 
was an early 18th century nickname for the Devil. And, yes, in thieves slang, rogues 
were called "rogers". But why "jolly" ? 

Bartholomew Roberts was nicknamed "Le Jolie Rouge", and in English this was used to 
refer to the flag and not the man. As well, another origin may have been that the 
Jolly Roger was a corruption of Jolie Rougere, a red pennant flown by French buccaneers 
to show no quarter would be taken. In many parts of the Caribbean, the "Jolly Roger" 
was the equivalent of a happy face: it meant the pirate ship was willing to take 
prisoners. The appearance of a red flag, however, signified no prisoners, and the 
pirates would slaughter crew and passengers to a man. Bear in mind that the flags 
had different meanings [or none] at different time periods and in different regions." 


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