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Exe-2560Defiance Break and Enter DemoHOT
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This demo is a level from the Defiance campaign - part of the Independence War Deluxe Edition product. In the Defiance campaign, you play an 'Indie' pilot fighting against the Commonwealth.

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Exe-2561Independence War Neutronium DemoHOT
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This is the second demo for Independence War.

The updated demo adds remote logon and fighter combat, features normally found in other missions, and fixes the joystick problems present in the old demo.

The installer needs a 16bit system or it will crash. Thanks to akula65 for sending it to us.

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zip2Original Independence War DemoHOT
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This is the playable I-War demo from 16 Sept. 1997 published by Ocean Software Ltd.

As far as I know, this must be the first demo that came out for this game.

Thanks to akula65 for sending it to us.

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