4 - Using The Autopilot

Your shipboard computer can assist with many basic piloting operations. Four autopilot modes are provided by your computer which can be accessed from the HUD Menu or the keyboard.

They are particularly useful in the following circumstances:

  • Travelling between Star Systems*
  • Approaching a distant point (especially when using LDS)
  • Docking with a space station or ship
  • In combat to match velocity and pursue another ship

The HUD Menu and keyboard also provide an Autopilot disengage function which cancels the program and returns control of the spacecraft to you.

To use an autopilot you must first select your autpilot target using the Contact List or Starmap.

Autopilot Functions

Disengage Autopilot F5 Cancels Autopilot, Resumes control
Auto Approach F6  Flies towards your selected target. Program terminates near target.
Auto Formate F7 Fly in formation with Target. Program continues until terminated by pilot.
Auto Dock F8 Dock on to target
Auto Pursuit F9 Match velocity with Target*

* Not available in demo.

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