Demo Technical Support

We've tested the EDGE OF CHAOS  demo thoroughly, but it's impossible to guarantee that the game will run perfectly when its played on thousands of different PC configurations.

If you encounter a problem with the demo and need help, then first please check the following:

  • Check your PC meets the minimum requirements.

  • Make sure DirectX 8 or later is installed.

  • Obtain the latest graphics, sound and joystick drivers for your hardware.

  • Ensure that any non-essential programs and background tasks such as virus checkers, etc, aren't running.

  • Check that you have at least 100mb of disk space free for your Windows swap file.

  • Try defragmenting your hard disk, as this can help improve performance.

If you're still having problems, then please contact Particle Systems giving complete details of your PC configuration, and a comprehensive description of the problem.

The support email address is:


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