13 years 10 months ago #18898 by Alpha_Monkey
Right, I was having major trouble with EoC crapping out after a few minutes of play. Freezing up, forcing a hard-boot.

As I've read through various other threads, I've seen lots of you have had the same problem. Often the suggested remedy is to disable sound in the flux file. Didn't work for me. Nor did any of the dozen or so other fixes.

However, after rolling back to some OLD drivers circa 2004 (catalyst 4.3 and DirectX 7.0) everything *seems* to run fine.

I've just been testing this thoroughly in Inst.Action.......45 minutes solid and 70 kills, including 2 cruisers and a carrier. Frame rate never dropped below 30. No Freeze-ups. No stuttering.

I'm tentatively classifying this as a driver incompatatability related issue.

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