Help with Mod versus Scenario in Extras Screen

11 years 11 months ago #17231 by tombombodil
SRC and anyone else reading this, I want to add that I found Independence War Edge of Chaos to be one of the best games I have ever played to date. I was a die hard on line wolfenstien gamer until the master server finaly ended. Are there any other games like EOC out there? I have not had good luck in that area.

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11 years 11 months ago #17232 by SRC
Hi Tom,

I am not much of a "first person" gamer; prefer historical military strategy games (which these days
are a rather small niche market). So I am not familiar with the "world" of comparison games
that could be stood up against EoC. But I have been told that EoC has never been equaled, and
I would not be surprised if that were true. The combination of absorbing story line (which I
think to be the most important part), realistic flight mechanics and good graphics, user
interface, music, etc, is just wonderful. It's a shame that it did not do better in the market
so that the corporate types ended up abandoning it. The Corporations are malevolent background
actors in the IWar and EoC story lines, and this might be an instance of "life imitating art" :)

But here's a thought -- if you would like to see more and better games like EoC, consider
helping to build them. EoC is not gone -- there is a large and complex extension of this
world at the Torn Stars/Unstable Space

Cambragol, who is Admin at the TS/US site, and I have been discussing the idea of setting up
a POG coding tutorial at the TS site, which would allow interested people to "pull down" instructional
code and become comfortable writing their own code (which is how I got started, using Bineshi's Unleashed mod as my instructional tutorial). There is much room for further contributions to the code base and there is probably also work for 3D modellers.

But what is most needed is story tellers and script-writers ("script" both in the sense of written
story templates and also POG scripts that instantiate the missions that follow the story line). The
thing that made EoC (and IWar before it) so absorbing was the story line.


Regarding your restart of EoC, allow me to suggest that you delay beginning for a couple of weeks.
I am working with Cambragol to add some "dual use" packages (usable both in EoC and in Torn Stars/
Unstable Space) to the TS/US code base, and these will also work within EoC. Some of the new features should significantly improve game play. As a single example, I have always thought that the game needed a feature that would allow you to step away from the PC but leave the game running with a "pause" mode that would pause the game if your ship got into trouble. That feature now exists in the dual use package, but is not yet uploaded to the EoC mods page. This feature also allows you to wait in "ambush" mode for something interesting to happen, but allows you to step away from the PC while waiting. If the interesting event occurs (at the moment, the only coded events are the appearance of hostiles (typically Marauders) or the player ship coming under attack), the game pauses at that point and when you return, you can restart the game and proceed to deal with the interesting situation that has come up.

I will upload the first installment of this package soon, and will make additions to it as
there is opportunity. When the time comes to upload, I'll start a new thread in this section
of the Forum describing the mod and how to use it. I think this mod will enhance your enjoyment
of this fine game.

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11 years 11 months ago #17233 by tombombodil

Most appreciated your post is. I will wait a few weeks to restart the game and I am definatly interested in looking at Torn Stars and will do so.

First Person games have been my thing as I have been playing "Wolfenstien" right up til the day the Main Server was taken down. I am showing my age by giving that information up.

I thank you again for your time

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