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Chaos Trilogy 2 - Chaos Le Chaos Trilogy 2 - Chaos Legacy HOT

This mission takes place almost immediately after the Chaos Gate. After the destruction of the gate in Z 2 Reticuli the gate ceased to fuction but the commonwealth is hungry for it's secrets. In fact, so are others...

!Installation!        : All txt files to psgresourcetextchaos2 - directory
              The scr file to psgresourcescriptsmissions - directory

              NOTE:You must have used the Deslabber Kit to play this mission
To play the mission    : Create a shorcut and edit the target line. Example for 3d accelerated in 800x600 -mode:
C:(Your I-war path)game.exe -b -16 -800x600 -noslab -nologos C:(Your I-war path)psgresourcescriptsmissionschaos2.scr

!NOTE!:            PUT CD#2 in when playing this mission or else one dialogue
            may not fuction properly. Besides you get the cool CGI.

Files                   : chaos2.scr            - The mission file
              b10.txt b20.txt b30.txt     - Briefing texts
              t10.txt t20.txt t30.txt t40.txt t41.txt t45.txt t50.txt t60.txt
              t70.txt t80.txt         - Mission texts
              objv.txt            - Objective text
              chaos2.txt            - This File

Known Bugs        : No, but if find any, let me know.

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