Wednesday, November 07, 2001
To assist modders in the use of the Gaphical SDK, we have an article called Skins Primer. It explains how to handle the graphics in preparation for skin/texture applications to your mod ships. Put together by SkyQuake it covers the use of LBM, IFF, FTU and PSO files. We think you'll find it of good use.

Also, the first mod to be reskined for EoC (although that may be contested ) has been released by er um SkyQuake! A Guillotine Class Destroyer called Darkheart. As always this can be found on the Downloads page.

Monday, November 05, 2001
Just to keep things ticking over, we have two new mods on the Download page; a Heavy Police Interceptor mod from Ben Chivers aka The Claw and a Manual Countermeasures mod from Steve Robertson from Particle Systems.

Tuesday, November 06, 2001
NEWS: The long awaited arrival of the Software Development Kit from the Particle System team is now available for download. Consisting of two files, the Graphical SDK and Player Ship Textures; these kits provide you the opportunity to really get your hands dirty and extend your modding skills.

You can download the files either from the Independence War Mod page or here on the Mod Tools page.

Sunday, November 11, 2001
Hi. A new reskinned mod from the Qlippoth shipyard. Called Q-Storm - a modified Storm Petrel, with improved manoeuverability and extra light cannon, and of course a new paint job.

The German EoC FAQ has been updated. This Consortium of enthusiasts have also launched a new site dedicated to the subject of Multi-Play. It contains a lot of information on the MP game in general with a gameplay Faq, some new maps for MP and a discription about how to change backgrounds in MP maps with an owens star background. It is called the DukeOmsk EOC multiplayer Site. Presently in German, but they hope to produce an English version later.

Thursday, November 15, 2001
To all German viewers. The German FAQ can now be accessed and downloaded in HTML format. With an efficient layout and easy on the eye, this is a much improved version to the text version. The link to this information has a permanent place under the EoC menu options on the right.

Also, the Thruster mod has been upgraded to work under the F14 patch update. Lastly, we have been advised that the Encyclopedia Cruiser page fix is also suitable for the latest EoC patch.

We have a new mod called the Defiance. Based on Qlippoth's Spartacus it has been modified to feel and act like the original from I-War 1. As always it can be downloaded from the Download page.

Saturday, November 17, 2001
Stephen Robertson of Particle Systems has produced a small unsupported patch to fix a specific problem in Independence War 2: Edge Of Chaos. In some circumstances a character in act 2 called Frederick Jackson will not speak to you, which can prevent the story from progressing. Please go to Bugs & Fixes.

If you have not had this problem you do not need to load this patch. Please note: this is an unsupported patch and is not supported by Infogrames or Particle Systems.

We have two new mods. A Super Taxi and an Antimatter Weapons configuration mod. The Super Taxi comes with a cutting beam, large hardpoint and Navy aggressor shield. The Antimatter Weapon configuration consists of a modified mining laser, quad light PBC and mining chargesall with antimatter capabilities and for you to use from the start. All as always can be found on the Downloads page.

Wednesday, November 21, 2001
NEWS : Buda5 launch their first mod the Thunderbolt as a taster for things to come. Buda5 are part of a unit of amatuer enthusiasts, who basically like to implant the Babylon 5 theme into other space simulation games. Such games as Freespace, HomeWorld and the earlier I-War One, have all succumbed to their expertise.

Friday, November 23, 2001
Hi. For those interested in EoC Multiplayer, MajorTom has launched the English version. Called the MajorTom EoC MultiPlayer site. It is a conversion of the DukeOrmsk German site and contains all things on EoC MultiPlaying.

Also, we have an update to the EA Thunderbolt mod from Buda5 - with improved textures and engine detail. And, with their kind permission you can now download the mod from the Downloads page.

Tuesday, November 27, 2001
More stuff on the mods pages. We have an update to the Weapons Tweak mod by Jet, which now caters for both English and French users. Four mods from MightyMidget can be found under the Associated Mods listings - includes mods for Asteroids, Minefields, Weapons Revamp and a tougher scenario mod called Expert. All, as always on the Download page.

I have changed the Top 25 listings to show the top downloads of the week, as oppose to a continual life listing. I've done this to make things interesting as a lot of mods doing well were not reflected, giving a false impression.

Lastly, further additions have been made to the FAQ's. And there's more to come.

Thursday, November 29, 2001
Hi. An update on the mods for you. MightyMidget has contributed another mod called the Proton PBC. It replaces the standard pulse accelerator PBC, and firing at 9 rounds per second at a 100 count per hit, it promises to be a worthy accessory. He has also updated the his mods (see previous post) , primarily in the descriptive area. SqyQuake has updated Darkheart. This now comes with a modification of Jet's Starmap and Encyclopedia. Buda5 have released a mod, still under development, but well worth the look. Called the EA Starfury, it is another Babylon 5 rendition. All as always on the Download page.

To make you aware of other site links we'll be talking up some of them within these posts, headed under Sites to Visit. The first site we feel deserves a mention is A Talent for War. This site is dedicated to keeping you informed on the latest developments of the Space Simulation game genre. Run on a portal format, you can even join up and contribute your knowledge. Well worth a visit.

Lastly, a message to mod developers. We're more than happy to accept mods from anyone, but can you please make sure you include in all your descriptive files and comments within script files the following disclaimer along with your name, address and email address.


This is a legal prerequisite. Thanks


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