Introduction ( Current Page )

Introduction ( Current Page )

Welcome to the Edge Of Chaos

It is the twenty fourth century.  Mankind has extended its reach to the stars.  Those lucky enough to live in the core systems enjoy a life of opulence and luxury.  However far from Earth, and its notions of justice, oppressive forces rule the frontier of known space with an iron fist.  In the Badlands life is a cheap and tradable commodity.

Now, one mans murder will set in motion events that could one day lead to freedom from oppression; or lead humanity to certain annihilation.

Edge of Chaos is a Space simulation game that joins state-of-the-art 3D graphics and physics technology with realistic, believable characters and a engrossing storyline.

The Demo

This demo offers a taste of the gameplay and features of the full game. 

You can train to fly your ship, have the opportunity to play a couple of missions, and do some exploring around a special version of the Hoffer's Wake System.

In addition you can play a time-limited version of the Instant Action feature.

For more details of the characters see the link below. For a complete guide on how to play the demo, please see the Playguide Section.


Introduction To Characters

Cal Johnston ( Player Character )

Cal is young, smart and a born leader.  He was only 12 years old when he witnessed Caleb Mass brutally murder his Farther, Felix.  Now, 15 years later he and his friends may finally be able to extract their revenge on their oppressors.


Jefferson Clay

Clay is a one-of-a-kind computer simulation. When Clay died 100 years ago his personality and knowledge were preserved.  Clay serves as mentor and guardian to the orphaned Cal Johnston.



A gifted smuggler and forger, Jafs is Calís best friend and confidant.  Jafs is also a skilled pilot and an adept negotiator.


Azraelle ĎAzí Takagi
Cool and enigmatic, little is certain about Azraelle.  She is an exceptional pilot and was once a pirate of some considerable renown.  Az has never made her reasons for joining Cal clear.   


Lori Trieste

Young and idealistic Lori is Azís close friend and ally.  Smart and enthusiastic, what Lori lacks in combat experience she makes up for with dogged persistence.


Lemuel Smith

Despite his towering stature and fearsome appearance, Smith is genial and popular. A self taught engineer Smith has remarkable ability in any field involving machinery, partly due to the numerous cybernetic implants he received after an accident.


Caleb Maas

Sadistic and cruel, Caleb is the recent heir to the Mass Industries fortune.  His keen instinct serves him well in both ship combat and the boardroom.



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