Appendix B - Options

Main Options Screen
The options screen, found on the main menu can be used to change how the game operates on your PC.

The Graphics sub menu screen allows you to set the levels of the Model Detail, Texture Quality, Lighting Quality and Starfield Quality.  In addition you can also set the display resolution of the game.

If you find the game is running slowly try turning graphics options down or off. Generally the lower the setting the faster the game will run, but the visual quality will be lower.

The sound options allow you to change the volumes of the different sources of sound in the game.

The options screen allows you to change some common control options, and select your default control configuration.

Two different control sets are supplied with the demo: Default and Keyboard Only. See the Controls section for details.

In Flight Options Menu
When flying in space pressing the ESC key brings up the In Game Options menu.  From here you can pick the following options:

  • Resume Game
  • Quit

Resume Game allows you to return back to the game at the point where you pushed the Esc key.

Quit leaves the game and takes you to the main menu.


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