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The Epic Group is dedicated to enhancing Independence War into our version of the perfect space simulation.

Epic: Middle States, our first planned release, will lay the foundation for the Epic mod, and provide a full trading simulation and trading career for the player. It unifies the features of several mods and lays the foundation for future phases.  It will also include a complete overhaul and augmentation of the games graphics, including new nebula, planets, asteroids and sound effects.

Epic: Traffic, our second planned release, will follow upon the improvements and basis lain out by Middle States.  Specifically it will customize the traffic of the Middle States, creating traders, pirates, raiders, navies and police that live and breath the politics of this strife riven cluster.  Additionally it will focus on providing a custom ship loadout, allowing for a much larger selection of ship types and customizations than was ever provided in the original EoC.

Our long range vision includes:


     Dynamic Political/Economic Simulation. 

     Reworked Traffic and Ship Loadout.

     New occupations: Smuggler, Trader, Miner, Spy.

     Improved Station and Space enviroments.

     Dark Currents AI engine for faction politics and warfare.


Below you will find links to development related pages, documents and files.

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