Welcome to the Independent Trading Post, your central source for mods in this part of the cluster. As owner of this fine establishment, I'd love the chance to welcome each visitor to the station personally, but if I did that none of my work would get done. I invite you to look around, we have some of everything, so we're sure to have what you're looking for. If you encounter any problems or questions, please contact me. Above all, have fun.
--WetWired the Unbound, Owner


2004-02-16   Posted by WetWired
As I'm sure is obvious, this site hasn't been updated in ages, and I really have no ability or intention to continue maintenance of this site.  The mods here will still be available here, but I suggest you look to the main www.i-war2.com site for up-to-date mod information.  Besides the mod creators, support for mods may be available from the Atari I-War forums, or from the i-war2.com forums.

2002-10-28   Posted by WetWired
Well this site has been quiet for quite some time now, since I have had to leave the community.  However, Rouruni Storm has offered to take over for me, so please give him a warm welcome.

2002-06-05   Posted by WetWired
I added a new feature to the Community Directory that allows you to view a list of mods that a member has authored if they have mods here.

2002-05-30   Posted by WetWired
The Community Directory database is finally up!  The new community directory will have sig pics and e-mails in addition to what the old one had.  See this thread to give us your information.

2002-05-22   Posted by WetWired
The Independent Trading Post is now opened for business!
Right now, the shelves are a bit empty, but don't worry, that'll be fixed soon enough.  The new community directory isn't up yet, but the mod database is.  What this means is that instead of having to modify an HTML file to add mods, I just pull up a form and fill in the details, meaning that keeping the mod listings up to date should be a snap.

I'd also like to welcome Dark Dragon Flame on board as the station manager; he'll help keep things in order when I am off duty.  As always, if you have any trouble, feel free to email me at wetwired@chek.com or DDF at Spazmat64@hotmail.com