This is the who's who of the US I-War forums. This is a list of the senior members you might encounter and also of some of the more memorable people who have left us. Use the quick index below to help find a specific person. Names are alphabetized by name excluding space and punctuation.

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Captain Anon
Über Cruiser Killer
Faction: Freelancer
"Arguably the most competitive gamer here, show him a game and he'll beat your score three times over in half the time."
"Most prolific creator of quotes and anecdotes."

Joined: 2000-01-26 Forum Profile   e-mail  
Megaman Nutter
Joined: 2001-09-04 Forum Profile  
Dark Dragon Flame
Buda5 / Freelance Modeler
Faction: Buda5

Manager of the Independent Trading Post
Modeller of the Warlock for Buda 5
Joined: 2001-11-30 Forum Profile   e-mail   WWW   WWW2  

Dreadnaught was one of the first members of our community.  He has created a fan site for the original game, which he likes better.  If you want info on the original game, check out Dreadnaught's site.  He is also very helpful in correcting technical problems.
Joined: 1998-01-11 Forum Profile   e-mail   WWW   WWW2  
E. A. Bolodin
Community Veteran

Nominated for meanest SOB on the board .
Joined: 2000-08-23 Forum Profile   e-mail   WWW  
You are not reading this.
Introduced the first practical lesson in POG mission scripting with his Mission Tutorial mod.
Joined: 2001-11-21 Forum Profile   Mods  
Your Friendly C.O.S.A. Representative
Joined: 2000-07-12 Forum Profile   e-mail  
Faction: Freelancer
Joined: 2001-05-17 Forum Profile   e-mail  
Da' Green Dude
Faction: Armadillo
Known as "Translater for Fluffy", Greb is the leader of what he calls "The Order of the Majestic Armadillo", a group that seems bent on world domination by force.
Joined: 2000-05-06 Forum Profile  
Lord of the Hamsters
Joined: 2002-01-30 Forum Profile   e-mail  
Joined: 2002-03-04 Forum Profile   e-mail   WWW  
James Moore
Faction: Particle Systems
"Weapons guru of the PS crew that actually spend time posting"
Joined: 1999-11-24 Forum Profile   e-mail   WWW   WWW2  
Joined: 2001-09-06 Forum Profile   e-mail   WWW   WWW2  
Community Veteran
Joined: 2001-09-18 Forum Profile  
Paradoxial Chaotic Unkown
Faction: Corps des Lions
"A man with a big heart, who's efforts to please everyone ended in thread streams of psycho babble."
"Mysterious, partially insane entity"
Secretly anti-Illuminati?

There are few people on the board who don't know/remember kr4z3d.  He always added his own flavor to the board and is known to be poetic at times.  He has already left us at least two times, but keeps coming back because we like him and he likes us (hopefully not just our flavor); hopefully he is back to stay.

Joined: 2001-01-05 Forum Profile  
Pathetic Outlander
Faction: MJ12
This guy pops up out of nowhere and suddenly starts telling everyone how to do their scripting.  He is noted as being very good at scripting; some even theorize that he is Steve in disguise.  If he is answering your POG scripting question, trust his answer, no matter how bizzare, unless it involves formatting your HD or something.
Joined: 2001-12-22 Forum Profile   e-mail   Mods  
Über Nanite
"Filled with all sorts of useful information and ideas"
Joined: 2000-11-07 Forum Profile  
Senior Illuminati Executive
Faction: Illuminatti

There are two things that Parias is known for:
   1. Frequently refreshing the forum for hours on end
   2. Posting the most, funniest, and best pics and screenies
He also created the I-War 2 FAQ thread and recomends disrupter missiles to anyone that asks for help.
Joined: 2000-05-31 Forum Profile   e-mail  
Community Veteran
Calls himself "Mad-Dog Cyber Cowboy" for his I-war piloting skills, thrills, and habits.
Joined: 2000-05-31 Forum Profile   e-mail   WWW  
a red under the bed
Joined: 2001-08-26 Forum Profile   e-mail  
Rurouni Storm
Born to run

Formerly General H Storm
The progenitor of His attempt at putting together the first I-War2 site, which was eventually frustrated at the hands of the hosting company, made SoupDragon pick up the mantle. He's also responsible for the eventual look and feel.
Joined: 1998-12-01 Forum Profile   e-mail   WWW  
Faction: Alien Lifeform
Joined: 2000-05-31 Forum Profile  
Creature Feature
Faction: Alien Lifeform
Joined: 2001-10-20 Forum Profile  
Silent Warrior
Sorta human spell-check
Joined: 2000-10-29 Forum Profile   e-mail  
Joined: 2001-11-23 Forum Profile   e-mail   Mods  
Stephen Robertson
Über Member
Faction: Particle Systems
This guy is like Particle Systems' ambassador to the forums or something .  He will answer those questions that noone else can, and is a known addict to the I-War forums, as evidenced by his several posts during his Christmas vacation. He is fairly moddest about his value to PS.
Joined: 1999-11-24 Forum Profile   e-mail   Mods   WWW  
The Lone Guitarist
Joined: 2001-06-07 Forum Profile   e-mail  
Joined: 2002-08-01 Forum Profile   e-mail   Mods   WWW  
The corperate
Grand Admiral ;-)

Joined: 2000-11-15 Forum Profile  
Tribal Warrior Commander
Faction: Tribal Warrior
Joined: 2000-01-10 Forum Profile  
The New Scum
Joined: 2002-01-27 Forum Profile   WWW  
The Unbound
Faction: Tribal Warrior

"Creator of the Community Directory. Often seen involved in any positive effort to nurture the community."
Joined: 2001-10-25 Forum Profile   e-mail   Mods   WWW  
Space-Taxi Extraordinaire
Faction: Freelancer
Joined: 2001-12-09 Forum Profile   e-mail   WWW  


Adam Kieffer
The Quartermaster
Faction: New Alliance
This guy jumps at a chance to role play.
Joined: 2000-02-07 Forum Profile   WWW  
Murphy's Law
Joined: 2001-08-11 Forum Profile  
I-War Veteran
Faction: Freelancer
"A first one, almost beyond my time. My memories are faint now, but I recall the discussion concerning subtitles for cutscenes in I-War 1."
Formerly known as Grand Admiral Thrawn
Joined: 2000-08-13 Forum Profile   e-mail  
Lurker Mode Enabled
Joined: 2000-01-19 Forum Profile   e-mail   WWW  
Faction: Freelancer
A long standing and respected Member.  Uses T-Fighters.
Joined: 1999-11-24 Forum Profile   e-mail   WWW  
Joined: 2001-04-02 Forum Profile  
Drifting. . .
Joined: 2001-08-14 Forum Profile  
Culture Vulture
Registered as HLP-Shrike
Joined: 2001-02-04 Forum Profile   e-mail   WWW  
Freelance Command
Faction: Freelancer

Hotfoot is leader of the Freelancers, Grandmaster of the Realm of Confusion, and the project leader for the Elite Mod. He also created the I-War plot conspiracy, He also sometimes has a poetic streak.
Joined: 1999-11-24 Forum Profile   e-mail   WWW  
Community Veteran
Faction: Buda5
Skilled modder and scripter.  Originator of what became the Elite mod.  Currently works on Buda 5 and some side projects.
Joined: 2000-01-27 Forum Profile   WWW  
He fights for the Users...

"Ah another fine denizen of the board, although [he] don't post here much, the tron guy always marked [him] out."
Joined: 2000-10-07 Forum Profile  
King's Specter
Faction: Freelancer

President King is -erm- alive and well, kind of. Self named as the ghost of President King, KS (as he is often called) is an active voice in the community.
Joined: 2001-10-31 Forum Profile   Mods  
Active Lurker
Joined: 2001-06-14 Forum Profile  
Anonymous Drifter
Faction: Armadillo
He's a 'dillo!  What a shock.
Joined: 2001-01-07 Forum Profile  
Community Veteran
Faction: Consortium

Credited in part in bringing EoC multiplayer out of the dark ages. Never stops contributing to the community.
Joined: 2001-08-28 Forum Profile   WWW  
One of Three
Community Veteran
Joined: 2000-01-26 Forum Profile  
Garbage truck pilot
Recently created movies to regenerate interest in the original I-War set.
Joined: 2001-03-21 Forum Profile  
Mobile Suit Pilot
Joined: 2001-02-26 Forum Profile   e-mail  
Joined: 2001-11-28 Forum Profile   e-mail  
Sith Lord
Joined: 2002-02-09 Forum Profile   e-mail  
Give me time . . .
Faction: Corps des Lions
Webmaster for, the biggest and best source for mods and other resources for I-War2: EoC, including this site
Joined: 2001-07-05 Forum Profile   e-mail   WWW   WWW2  
Über Member
Joined: 2000-11-05 Forum Profile  
Lurking here since 1999!
Joined: 1999-11-26 Forum Profile  
The Procrastinator
Joined: 2001-03-04 Forum Profile  
The Great Destroyer
Got cats?
Faction: Freelancer
Joined: 2001-06-20 Forum Profile  
Angel of Sorrow Mist
Faction: Illuminatti
Joined: 2001-11-08 Forum Profile   e-mail   WWW  
Vincent Formosa
Faction: Particle Systems
"Stephen's evil(?) PS counterpart on the boards. Doesn't post nearly as often, but likes to try to spoil things for Stephen on occasion, often failing miserably due to Stephen's unshakeable addiction to the boards."
Joined: 2001-06-29 Forum Profile   WWW  

 Occational Visitors

 POccational Visitors 
Community Veteran
Joined: 2001-08-08 Forum Profile  
 TOccational Visitors 
be happy
Joined: 2005-04-01 Forum Profile   WWW  
 XOccational Visitors 
Faction: MJ12
Joined: 2001-10-25 Forum Profile   e-mail  

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Alien Lifeform None Declared sauron1 SchnozBott  
Armadillo Greb Lorque  
Buda5 Simon_DR Dark Dragon Flame Indie  
Consortium None Declared MajorTom  
Corps des Lions SoupDragon kr4z3d  
Freelancer Hotfoot Antimatter Brett Captain Anon Flamineo King's Specter The Great Destroyer YodaSean  
Illuminatti Parias tombe0  
MJ12 Mehrunes XaereauX  
New Alliance None Declared Adam Kieffer  
Particle Systems None Declared James Moore Stephen Robertson Vincent Formosa  
Tribal Warrior None Declared Tigous WetWired  

Status Faction
Active 33 Alien Lifeform 2 Armadillo 2
Lurkers 27 Buda5 2 Consortium 1
Occational Visitors 3 Corps des Lions 2 Freelancer 8
Total 63 Illuminatti 2 MJ12 2
  New Alliance 1 Particle Systems 3
  Tribal Warrior 2 Unaffiliated 36
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