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Custom Jafs

This mod allows you to use any ship for Jafs that you want.
Important See readme file contained in zip for configuration information.
Custom Jafs
Steve Robertson Send e-mail 15K 2001-10-01   15K 2001-10-01  
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Edge of Chaos F14.6 Patch

This is not a mod!
This patch is required to use all mods on this site


The following are issues introduced or only partially resolved by the F14.6 Patch.
To Terraform a Planet
Because mission information gets put into the save game file after it starts, if you started this mission before installing the patch, you will still not have a waypoint to the warehouse. To correct this in the savegame, you will need to use a hex editor to change the word Somera to Romera in the save game file. Hex editors are available from
German Players
Some features from a future graphics upgrade for the game accidentally made it into the latest patch. This didn't cause any problems when the patch was tested, but it seems that on some user's setups it can cause problems. You can fix this by deleting the \resource\images\planets folder off of your base EoC folder.
EoC F14.6 Patch
Particle Systems Send e-mail 6156K 2001-10-10 F14.6 6156K 2001-10-10 F14.6
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Free Form

This mod allows you to continue after the game ends. Have this mod enabled when you beat the last mission to be prompted to enter free form mode. All saves in free form mode are labeled Act 4. In free form mod, you continue with what you ended the game with, with your base back and placed in Santa Romera.

This mod also allows you to travel between clusters using the jump accelerators. Auto pilots do not work between clusters. In order to fly from one cluster to the other, you must travel to the jump accelerator, bring up your map, and select the jump accelerator, then choose the other jump accelerator's L-Point as your destination. This may also cause trouble with Jafs.
Free Form
Steve Robertson Send e-mail 23K 2001-12-06   23K 2001-12-06  
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MultiMod Mod

MultiMod Mod is required to use all Multimod enabled Mods, like Location Finder, Manual Countermeasues, ect. Always keep MultiMod on when using mods, otherwise some might not work.
Steve Robertson Send e-mail 9K 2002-02-04   9K 2002-02-04  
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The UniGUI Enables the use of multiple GUI screens all incorperated into 1 master GUI screen with links to the sub GUI screens. Mods like Location Finder Plus, and Future Trader both use UniGUI to function together in peacefulness. Otherwise you would have to load each seperately and you can not load them at the same time. See readme for keybindings.
Requires Multimod
Zazicle Send e-mail 25K 2002-05-22 2a 25K 2002-05-22 2a