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The framerate is very low on Win 8/10? How to fix?

Starting with Windows 8, the game may only run with 30fps due to some code changes. There are two ways to solve this:

Starting the game gives a blank screen and a yellow cursor

The DEP of new Windows versions prevents the game from loading. Follow these steps to disable the DEP for I-War 2:

Additionally, your antivirus may delete some of the DLL files in the bin/release folder while playing - make sure to add this folder to the exception list.

The text in the menus is scrambled and looks weird?

If your text ingame looks like this:

you may be able to solve it by changing these values in the flux.ini:

override_pixel_texel_offsets = 0
pixel_offset_x = -0.5
pixel_offset_y = -0.5
override_pixel_texel_offsets = 1
pixel_offset_x = 0.4
pixel_offset_y = 0.4

There is no Singleplayer mode! / I get a "Please insert game disc" error!

Although it doesn't need a CD, the games' programming prevents it from starting up if there is no drive. If you have a netbook without a CD drive, you can use WinCDEmu to install a virtual drive.

Starting with Windows 8 you can load up ISO files directly - for example, you can download a Puppy Linux ISO file, load it up and run the game. :)

The textures on stations and Lucrecia's base flicker like crazy.

This problem is called Z-Fighting and seems to be caused by some graphics drivers. It was even around when the game just came out.

Try to edit the flux.ini - in the section [fcGraphicsDeviceD3D] change the value

use_static_buffers = 0


use_static_buffers = 1

Game crashes in some missions in Act 3. Notably the last mission.

The final mission in the game uses ambient audio which plays multiple MP3 files simultaneously. On some systems this seems to cause the game to crash. Renaming the streams/audio/ambient folder disables the ambient sounds, fixing the problem.

I'm in the game but I can't see the textures on ships and stations?

A. This is a problem with the graphics driver. Try upgrading it, you may find newer ones on the Intel/AMD/NVidia website. If upgrading doesn't help, you can try one of two things:

Save the file and run the game.

The game crashes after installing the F14.6 patch.

Some features from a future graphics upgrade for the game accidentally made it into the latest patch. This didn't cause any problems when the patch was tested, but it seems that on some user's setups it can cause problems.

To fix it simply delete the following folder from the game:

<install folder>\resource\images\planets

This will disable the feature that's causing the problem.

The games movies and sound skip and stutter. What can I do?

A1. The only solution I found for the stuttering sound and movies was to copy the movies to a Movies directory in my IWar 2 main folder and edit my flux.ini. Open the flux.ini file in notepad, look for the entry [FcResourceManager] and add this line: 

search_paths[2] = .\Movies

A2. I decided to switch the binkw32.dll in the \bin\release with one that worked well from another game, version 1.0f, and the vids now play flawlessly.

How do I set up a private / password protected server?

Password protection and private servers were implemented in Version F12. If you have Version F10 you will need to upgrade with the Edge Of Chaos Patch 1 before you can use these features. You can password protect your server by changing the appropriate section of your flux.ini file, which is located in the folder where you installed the game. We recommend you make a backup of the flux.ini before you start editing it. Add the following under the appropriate headings in the flux.ini:
password = "your password"

Anyone trying to join your server must supply the same password in their flux.ini file under the FcClient section:

password = "your password"

If the server password is set to "" then any client is allowed entry. Furthermore, you can make your server invisible to GameSpy and the in-game internet browser by changing the Internet visible' setting:

Internet_visible = 0

Users can still join the game provided you tell them your IP address and session name, which they can supply as command line parameters to the game to automatically connect to your server, e.g.
bin\release\loader.exe -hsn -hip i.e. bin\release\loader.exe -hsn "Templar's Clan" -hip ""
you will need to run this command from the Edge of Chaos installation directory.

How can I adjust the cameras FOV for my widescreen monitor?

Open up the file flux.ini and change the values according to this:

Default = 1.2
16:10 = 1.37
16:9 = 1.48

Default = 1.2
16:10 = 1.37
16:9 = 1.48

Default = 1.1
16:10 = 1.27
16:9 = 1.37

Default = 1.2
16:10 = 1.37
16:9 = 1.48

Default = 1.1
16:10 = 1.27
16:9 = 1.37

Default = 1.25
16:10 = 1.43
16:9 = 1.54

Default = 1.1
16:10 = 1.27
16:9 = 1.37

Default = 1.2
16:10 = 1.37
16:9 = 1.48

Default = 1.1
16:10 = 1.27
16:9 = 1.37


I can't save the game, the saves menu is empty!

It seems like some systems prevent the game from saving if the "saves" folder is missing inside of the game folder.

Especially the GOG version is notorious for this, as it doesn't create this folder by default (sometimes).

The solution is simple: Go into the game directory (C:/GOG Games/Independence War 2) and create a folder called "saves".

How can I set up my own dedicated server?

Running a dedicated server is as simple as starting up:

loader.exe -ac iwar2.icServerApp -argument "1" -argument "2"

from the top-level game directory.

This will run the server with the default settings from flux.ini. You can pass additional parameters, too:

The server can also be run on Linux with wine, but it will spawn a second screen. On a headless server, run it like this:

Xvfb :1&
export DISPLAY=:1
cd ~/.wine/drive_c/GOG\ Games/Independence\ War\ 2/ && \
nohup wine ./bin/release/loader.exe -ac iwar2.icServerApp -sp dm -sn "i-war2 GOG" -stl 600 -sfl 10 -sm ini:/multiplayer/maps/piracy -aib 1 -aic 2 > /dev/null 2>&1 &